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About Me

Troy Floyd FOGG Odyssey

Who am I, who really knows???

In 2009 I abandoned my six-figure job that was killing me with 84hr workweeks to pursue a life of travel around the world.  It wasn’t easy but a trip to Australia finally made me realize that money wasn’t everything and travel meant more to me then anything else.

I came back from that trip in Oz with a clear mind that I wanted to travel and work in photography full time but wasn’t sure how to go about it.  I wasn’t getting any younger, so I put in my notice at work finally and moved to Bangkok, Thailand.  I lived in a small apartment for three months living off a small budget and one backpack.  There I really begun to work on my photography skills, reading everything I could on the subject, talking with people and just walking around all day in the markets and streets of Bangkok with my camera shooting photographs.  Thus a new life begun for me and I haven’t looked back since!

My goal in life is what I call “Reverse Retirement”.  Not sure if I’m coining this phrase or not but my plan is to not work a regular job until I am 40 (currently 31).  What is Reverse Retirement you ask?  It means I don’t want to work till I’m 60 and then be to old to enjoy the things I want to do now.  I never understood the pressures of society that “they” put on people to work work work then enjoy the years where you are wearing diapers and having to wake up 5x in a night to take a piss.  When I turn 40 I’ll get a real job (maybe) as I want to enjoy my youth still and can work after I have had my fill of play in life.  Then I figure I’ll just get a job and work till I die.  Some might say I am crazy, to them I say I am.

Facts about me

  • My real name is Troy Floyd but most people call me “T-roy”.  Nickname was given to me by a friend from high school because when I got my letter jacket my name was in cursive and it had a big “T” with “roy” in little letters next to it.  Now you know and knowing is half the battle!
  • I didn’t have a passport until I was 25 years old
  • Has visited 30+ countries, been to 6 of the 7 Continents (minus Antarctica)
  • Was born in Germany but only has citizenship in the USA
  • Didn’t leave the country until I was 21 (travel as a baby doesn’t count)
  • Had my first real job when I was 16 years old and worked 30+hrs a week during high school
  • Was in the Army National Guard for nine years
  • Put myself through college, using GI money, working during the day and taking night classes.  I hold a BS in Business Administration
  • Started doing amateur photography in 2006.  My first “real” camera was a digital Canon Rebel
  • My hometown in Missouri, USA is called Licking (that’s not a type-o either) population 1,500 people.  Our school mascot is a wildcat but some wish it had been a beaver (if you don’t get that, then don’t bother asking)
  • My hair has been buzzed short since I was kid until I went to Ecuador in 2008.  Since then I have only had it trimmed twice… but am waiting for the right moment to cut it all and go back to the simple life of a dot of shampoo

One thing on my site you won’t find much of are photographs of me.  I often get slammed by friends and family for this but I quickly explain “I’m the one taking the photos, not being in them!” and that this site is for showing what I see and not me.  In the last few years I have been lucky enough to do things I only dreamed about.  So if you actually read all the blah blah above (cool if you did) and just want to see what I look like, then here you go.

Below are some dreams come true for me.  Enjoy and hope to catch you on the flip side!

Troy Floyd

Sitting on the rim of an extinct volcano in Quilotoa, Ecuador.  The lake was over 2miles wide & 800m deep

Troy Floyd in Australia:

In Arlie Beach, Australia they let me fly a plane, not really but I did get to fly in it (and I didn’t puke!)

Troy Floyd hangliding in Costa Rica:

Hang gliding in Jaco, Costa Rica (one of the best things I have done)

Troy Floyd photographing in Bangkok:

Shooting photographs in Bangkok, Thailand

Troy Floyd and Drew Gilbert in India:

I ride my first horse and buggy taxi in Rameswaram, India. Total cost: $1 USD

Troy Floyd in Machu Picchu:

I finally made a dream come true when I visited Machu Picchu, Peru

Troy Floyd in the sands of Dubai, UAE:

Putting my feet in the desert of Dubai, UAE at sunset

Troy Floyd in Jaco, Costa Rica:

The biggest fish I ever caught, weighed in at just under 100lbs in Jaco, Costa Rica

Troy Floyd in Quito, Ecuador:

Standing on the equator in Quito, Ecuador

Troy Floyd in Chiang Mai, Thailand:

Visiting a village in Chiang Mai, Thailand with people who wear these neck-bands that strech their neck and legs

Troy Floyd:

Where will I go next… who knows but if you subscribe to the site you’ll know first!


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