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My Unofficial “Capture the Colour” Entry – 5 Colors From FOGG Odyssey

Well there has been some major debate about this contest going around the travel blog community.  I might have spoke to loud on it and offended a few people but that is me, like it or leave it.  Anyways, the whole argument on the contest is that to enter you have to have a blog post with a link to the company who is hosting it.  That is a way for the company hosting the contest to game free links to rank higher in search results (say Google for example because the more people that link to their webpage the higher they will rank in searches, basic SEO 101).  Normally the company would have to pay for these links but since they are running a cheap contest, they will be getting the links at a fraction of the price.  So instead of paying bloggers $100-$250 for that link, they will get it for only $20.

Anyways, I wanted to enter but didn’t think I’d win, as to many happy people submitted already but I had the post drafted up so I thought I would share it with you and at least let you see the shots I had picked for it.  I’m not linking to the contest because, basically screw them if they think they’ll get me for free!  Basically the contest was to pick 5 photos, each photo for a color they picked and post it.  Below are my 5 shots for: Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Red.  Enjoy!

BLUE – Varanasi, India

I took this one night while waiting for the ceremony on the Ganges River to start.  Half the people sit in boats and watch it from the river (you can see them in the background) while the rest sit on the bank while the priest perform it.  I was messing around, getting bored so thought I would take a walk around and see if I couldn’t get some good light at the magic hour just after the sun set.  This lone guy was in a boat and I almost fell into the dirty river trying to get this shot at that angle.  Seriously glad I got the shot and didn’t kill my camera or even worse get a parasite for life living in my body!

GREEN – Varanasi, India

This guy is what you’d call a fake sadhu.  I found it hard to get people photos in Varanasi because everyone wanted money (which is a turnoff for me) so I ended up standing back and shot from a distance while there.  I knew he was a fake but still wanted his portrait somehow.  Without a doubt I knew full well he’d demand money before I even lifted the camera and I didn’t want to make a scene about it, so I moved up on an overlook and was able to capture a shot of him alone like this.  I loved the teal green pallet he was sitting on contrasting with the colors of his body paint and clothes.  This photo says so much about India in one shot for me that it’s one of my favorites that I took while there.

YELLOWMedellin, Colombia

One thing about Latin America is they have the best damn parades ever!  This one was from a set I shot of the “Feria de Las Flores” (Flower Parade) that happens every year in Medellin.  It’s a week long party and they finish with this parade on Saturday (see more photos here).  This group came charging down the street in their yellow coveralls, with green shirts and flowers donned on their head dancing.  Seriously, you’ll want to see the other photos of this to fully understand how fun and insane it is to watch this parade!

WHITE – Ferdonia, Colombia

Goats are officially to me, got to be the dumbest animals alive I think.  The parking garage where we parked the car had this goat tied up in the corner when we arrived.  I had made a mental note to see if I couldn’t get it’s photo when we came back to leave but when we got back the goat was gone.  Didn’t think much of it, until we started taking a few last minute shots of the group and the owner came up and asked if we would take his photo.  My friend Sebastian knew the owner and said yes.  He left and I was wondering where he was going.  Two minutes later he showed up with the goat and asked if we would take his picture!

We set the garage owner up on some steps with the goat next to him.  The owner told us it’s name was “Nieve” which translates as snow.  He started feeding the goat and this is when I realized how dumb/insane they are!  Click here to see the rest of the photos of “Snow the Mad Goat”!

RED – Dharamshala, India

One of the main reasons why I went to Dharamshala was because it’s where the Dalai Lama now lives.  I had two agendas, see him talk if possible and photograph as many monks as I could.  Well I ended up missing the Dalai Lama by a day (this was the reason why) but I did get to photograph a LOT of monks!

This little monk was one of the best models I have ever photographed hands down.  He was only about seven years old but the whole time I was photographing another monk, who was about 17, he kept telling him how to pose, where to look and was fixing his wardrobe… that I ended up  just sitting back and laughing!  The kid was good and when it was his turn to get photographed I didn’t even have to speak as he had studied everything I did with the monk prior and knew exactly what I wanted.  Was one of the best photo shoots I did while in India and this is bar far one of my favorite shots to-date!

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  • Christine Gilbert

    Hey Troy,

    As one of the judges, this was my concern too. Before I agreed to do it, I did ask if bloggers could link with a no-follow link and they said yes. Your entry would be counted. So you can edit this post and enter if you want, without giving them anything for free.

    Working with these guys, my sense of it is that they want to create a big presence on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and get some name recognition in the travel community. And yes, probably some links too. But the prize levels are high, they are doing a nice Pinterest board for each color and linking back to the blogger (which is good for you, right?) and they will let you put a no-follow. Every contest is a compromise because if they liked your photos, they should just buy them direct, but from where I’m sitting, I think this is a pretty good one. It’s better than that Lonely Planet cover contest where they paid $500 for a COVER OF A BOOK!

  • foggodyssey

    As far as this contest, still don’t feel like entering, esp after the words I said. Don’t think anyone would vote for me now because so 😉 I know I could just no-follow the links but it is still what it is. [Side-Note: every link on my website is a no-follow as I guess I did something on the back end to do that, not sure how but someone pointed it out to me. I’m WP retarded, you know that! lol] I don’t fault anyone for entering, just hope people realize what’s the main reason for them hosting the contest. I do know about their Pintesest board but lets get real, they only have 46 followers and being honest, of course “from where I’m sitting, I think this is a pretty good one.” because your getting paid either way. It’s the other 333 people who will get nothing but more then likely Travelwhatever will get a TON in return.

    Totally agree on the LP contest, which is why I wouldn’t even bother to enter for it. $500 for a book cover photo, please! LP has a history of taking whatever they can for free or next to nothing and gaining for themselves, agree on that but that is the nature of the beast.

    I have only entered once in a photo contest and actually won it but got screwed on the prize as I never got it. I can thank IndieTravelPodcast for that, they still owe me a $100 (plus interest from 2 years ago), so maybe I am a little jaded.

  • Green Global Travel

    I think you’d have a decent shot if you did enter! Love the yellow and red shots in particular.

  • foggodyssey

    Thanks, the Red might be a favorite as well for me personally. Was the first time I actually set up a photo shoot (well with what little I knew how to) on my own. It didn’t really go as planned, I wasn’t getting paid for it was just something I wanted to do while there as a personal project, but I did love the end results! :)

  • Daniel Nahabedian

    Well, too bad Troy, those are excellent photos.
    Sometimes it’s fine to put aside our ego and jump in the fun, especially when it’s not hurting you or your website.
    If I remember well, you’ve participated in the very popular “7 controversial articles” by Tripbase a while ago, didn’t you?
    How was that different than this? … Oh yeah, they didn’t offer anything in return for the free links.

  • foggodyssey

    Daniel, you keep referring to other contests to validate your point (or participation in the contest), ok got it. The “7 Links Project” your referring to is here: as you can see there is no link to them either. I was nicer then but fool me once shame on them, fool me twice shame on me.

    If you’re a judge in the contest, good for you but it is what it is. If you can’t accept that and must keep rationalizing it, denouncing others in the process, I don’t have much else to say. It’s not about ego, just simple facts and yes it is MY website, so I will decided what is fun and what is hurting me or my readers. If you feel I am wrong for not wanting to “Officially” get in on the fun and saying why so, sorry… after all it’s not hurting you or your website is it? Thank though for the nice words on the photos and I hope we can still be civil friends. :)

  • Daniel Nahabedian

    I didn’t mean it in a bad way, I just feel it’s too bad there’s so much hostility towards contests.
    I am a judge, yes. But I’m not trying to defend a company here.
    It’s really about this sudden hostility towards companies that are trying to offer a little more than the usual “we will provide you exposure”. A hostility that’s ironically started and lead by bloggers who are notorious for gaming the system to get their SEO ranks up.
    There are tons of contests like this all over the net. You might like them or not, but there’s no reason to be so hostile about it in public.

    Oh and I’m much more mature than that :) I won’t hate/ignore you because you didn’t participate in a contest. We’re just expressing different opinions 😛

    You won’t find me in any travel blogger groups anymore though, just left them all. Not suitable for me :)

  • Nomadic Samuel

    Dude, these are damn impressive. My favourite shot is ‘white’ which captures the perfect candid moment.

  • Delima

    Nice captures!


  • Mohammad El Rifai

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  • Nico (A Travellers Journey)

    Some really great photos. Think I have to agree with Nomadic Samuel, the ‘white’ one is my favourite shot.

  • Extended Stay In Miami

    There are tons of contests like this all over the net. You might like
    them or not, but there’s no reason to be so hostile about it in public.

  • foggodyssey

    Just by looking at your user name for the comment pretty much sums up why I wrote what I wrote. Surprised you didn’t try and put a link the comment (why anyone still does this is beyond me). But I don’t think I was hostel, I just put it out there as to why “I” didn’t and don’t and what the true nature of these contest are.

    It’s called the internet man, get used to it!

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