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Behind the Scenes with FOGG Odyssey – 9 Set-Up Shots

I often get people that ask me how I get the shots that I do when traveling.  Honestly it’s nothing fancy and usually just involves a flash inside a softbox.  When I first started out doing photography one thing I did was devour photography websites for set-up shots (and I still do this, as you never stop learning).  It’s one thing to see a photo but it’s even better if you can understand how it was made.  Not always easy with photoshop and other tools out there these days but a set-up shot can explain so much in just one visual picture.

So below you’ll find the finished product and the set-up shot of how I captured it with details about the shutter speed, aperture exc.  If you want to see the original photos larger (plus others) with a description about each photo, click “Street Photography: 4 Paisas & a Gringo, Plus One Mad Goat.”

This photo is straight out of the camera with no post-edits

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  • Brendan van Son

    Good post man… can I ask how much that flash unit weighs? I’m thinking of packing some gear around Africa.  

  • Andi Perullo

    Oh wow this is awesome!!! I wish more photogs did this.

  • Christina

    I enjoyed seeing YOU in front of the camera for a change.  Very neat idea you did with the photos!

  • foggodyssey

    The total weight would be around 5-6lbs with the flash, softbox, light stand and triggers but that all depends on the set-up you go with.  For me the lighter the better since I have to carry this on my back non-stop.  Ever tried to take a piss at an Indian train station alone with 3 bags strapped to your body, or get dropped off by a crappy taxi driver a mile from your hostel?  It’s times like that, that almost just make me want to throw the light kit off a bridge and say screw it as natural light is free and lighter to carry! lol

  • foggodyssey

    Thanks sis, I will try and do more stuff like this to show what I do and help anyone wanting to do the same.

  • Dani Blanchette

    After letting me play with the softbox at the skatepark, I want one.  And seeing where you are and where the softbox is in relation to the people in these photos is really helpful. 

    Can’t wait to get one and start playing myself.

  • foggodyssey

    Dani you can get a cheap softbox in centro that is just as good as what I am using here for about $80,000 COP.  In fact I have one I will sell you if you want it before I go… let me know, as it will change your life once you get one! 😉

  • Erica Kuschel

    This is freaking fantastic Troy! I do most of my lighting through a flash and bouncing it. <3

  • foggodyssey

     yeah, that works to for a lot of things, esp if you use a scrim to with it.

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