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Featured Photo: The Old Man & The Boat in Varanasi, India

Varanasi boats and Ganga Ghats River

“Rivvver Ganges Gooood!”

The River Ganges in Varanasi, India is a place worth seeing and taking a boat ride is a must.  Most times boat rides in countries are lame I think and don’t really offer you much because you aren’t able to get off most times.  In Varanasi though the best way to see everything is by boat.  The other side of the banks of the river are sand and isn’t accessible to tourist, so booking your boat is the best practical way to see people along the banks.  This is how I was able to get this shot.

I walked around one morning trying to find the perfect boat captain, that had a unique face and a fair price for his boat.  This is was the man I found and he was a perfect for what I wanted.  He didn’t know much English and only kept pointing at things down the river every 2 minutes saying “Rivvver Ganges Gooood!” over and over again.  It cracked me up and made the ride even better I think!

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  • Angela

    Great shot, next time I go to India I must not miss Varanasi, although I think I’ll need a bit of psychological preparation for that…

  • London Ginger

    I am sure the boat ride was interesting because it was authentic with this man on board! Ganges is really good!

  • Lisa Homes

    Amazing photo, and the colors are merging so well. There is really something special about it. Good job!


  • Nomadic Samuel

    Cool shot & it sounds like you had a funny guide.  The one I was with was trying to rip me off and even had a buddy come on board annoying the ‘heck’ out of me.

  • vishnu kumar

    Loved this shot….serene shore of river Ganges in the backdrop of setting sun….spiritual vibrations at its peak… :)

  • Si

    Stunning photo! I have one similar from ten years ago.  Your guide knew three more words of English than mine!
    Love the blog, kind regards, Si

  • Pocztowka Z

    We really love design of your blog. And this photo is astonishing. We’re really impressed.

    We invite you to our blog It’s avaliable in Polish and English :)
    Wiktoria and Piotr

  • Amit Chaturvedi

    very well captured.. nice composition. and lightining.

  • Owen @

    Varanasi looks so beautiful! I’m planning a visit to India next year – do you think Varanasi is a good place to visit on a first trip to India?

  • Theboywander

    Epic photo, I’ll be in Varanasi in a couple of days!

  • Nancy Davolio

    Varanasi is a nice place for visit thanks for posting nice views….

  • Ivy Kriste

    Wow..the depth of the Ganga

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