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Featured Photo: This Old House in HDR

Licking Forrest USA photograph

A simple HDR photograph of an old house that a friend owns.  This grandfather use to live in it at one time but I believe after his death, it was later used as a storage shed/barn.  You can find a lot of old houses and barns around the area I live just by driving on the county back roads.  This is actually how I got started into photography.

I once got a free film camera from a bank when opening an account.  I decided to try out this $5 plastic camera and see what I could get with it, so I went to the store and bought a roll of film,  a 6-pack of beer and took off driving on gravel roads looking for things to photograph.  I found out I liked old barns and buildings and I ended up doing this a few times a week just playing around.  A few years later it would control my life!

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  • Melissa Orlando

    This is probably one of my favorite photos by you!  Are you sure you didn’t the “old barns” bug from me and the “Nickle Brother’s Barn”? :)  Keep up the fabulous work!

  • Anonymous

    Eerily awesome photo! Always enjoy seeing Missour-ah get some love.

  • Anonymous

    RWG, are you guys from Missouri at all?  If let me know, don’t meet to many who are when traveling. :)

  • Nomadic Samuel

    I admit, I’m not a huge fan of HDR shot but you pulled off a pretty stellar image here.

  • John

    I agree with Sam, this shot is pretty incredible and doesn’t look overly-HDR

  • Melissa Orlando

    This is still one of my absolute favorite pictures of yours.  Funny – you’ve been around the world and my favorite photo is of an old house from Licking!  HA!

  • Mikolaj

    This is too much HDR for me…

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