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Featured Photo: Walking The Buffalo Home in Hampi, India

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Rural life in Hampi, India can be tough and you know this from the faces of the water buffaloes there, I think.  They always look so sad when walking around, kind of like big, nasty, sad dog or something.

I went into this village to see if I could get some portraits of the locals.  It was the first village of the day and I didn’t really go as planned but I did walk away with a great story and some good photographs.

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  • Sam London

    Really awesome photo, and the poor animals look sad indeed, but if I have to be honest I feel more sorry about the people than about the animals!

  • Brock Groombridge

    Glad you ended up with great photos from Hampi, even if your day wasn’t the greatest. Great work!

  • Clippingimages

    Such an eye catching view.

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