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Featured Photo: Life In A Village (Pokhara, Nepal)

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One of the best things I did in Nepal was hiking near the city of Pokhara.  Yeah I know, anyone who has been there will say that.  Hell anyone who knows anything about Nepal will say hiking anywhere there must be magical because so many people talk about it.  Well when I went to Nepal it was the rainy season so doing the 17 day Annapurna Circuit (which is rated as one of the best hiking trails in the world and for good reason) was out of the question for me.  I needed something shorter and closer.

A local man came to my dilemma and offered to take me outside the city for a days and show me Nepalese rural life.  No running water, everything eaten would be locally grown and organic, people who still cook by open fire.  The only catch was that it was going to be a 5hr hike up hill.  Well I made the hike and the rewards were breathtaking in more then one way.

This women was walking back to her house from the fields below carrying grass for her livestock she had.  Everything is done by hand this part of the country and it must get tiresome having to get grass everyday for your milk cow but seeing these people in person working will be something I will never forget.  They always smiled and I thought it was crazy and great at the same time.  And for me I wouldn’t even walk a mile for a Marlboro!

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  • Andi Perullo

    I couldn’t do that no way, what if there were bugs in there!?!

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  • JD

    Great share….. Seems it’s a nature’s paradise, still untouched by ever expanding concerte jungles. I am also looking for such  a tranquilizing and peaceful holiday destination.

  • JD

    Eat them …lol

  • Steave Michaels

    These Nepalese in a certain village are really amazing and very hardworking. Got some realization on life from them. I’m inspired.

  • Amy at

    Anapurna is #1 on my bucket list!

  • Parrotfish Journey Blog

    Interesting photo !

  • Bamba Experience

    People in Nepal are fantastic! One of the most beautiful countries in Asia.. so much culture, so many smiles…


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