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Featured Photo: The Three Wise Men of Bhaktapur, Nepal

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Who is the wisest of three you think?

Bhaktapur is an ancient city, about an hour bus ride away from Kathmandu, Nepal.  It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage site, which means you have to pay money to get into this city as a tourist.  I hate places like that, esp when I found out it costs $15 USD just to enter.  I later found out that the ticket is good for a week and once I started walking around Bhaktapur I knew it was 100% worth the money.

Everything is old in this city!  The roads are made from clay bricks, the buildings look the same as they did 500 years ago but for me it was the people I found to be the most interesting thing I seen.  I was hoping to get a few portraits and one of the first people I photographed was this group of old men.  They were sitting along the street talking, laughing and carrying on.  When I walked by I thought one of them said something to me, so I stopped and looked back.  I guess they didn’t but we were all just staring at each other and it felt weird.  So I just held up my camera and said “Photo?”  to which they replied with a smile but not saying anything.  I snapped a few photos and showed them, to which they all laughed.  Maybe they thought they looked funny, maybe they thought my photography skills sucked or maybe they were all drunk, who knows?  Either way I didn’t care because the photo turned out great.

Here is another photo I took while there.

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  • Georgie Mathew

    the second one with much-schrunken eyes does look wise… would love to visit Bhaktapur one day.. 

  • Andi Perullo

    Your portraits are really something else!

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