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Featured Photo: Elephant Gets A Bath In a Temple In Rameswaram, India

Elephant bath water river

Not something you expect to see in a temple but then again this is India!

The Ramarpaadham Temple in the city of Rameswaram is located on the very Southern tip of India.  In facts this coast town is only 30min by boat from Sri Lanka.  I showed up in this tiny place while doing my Great Indian Train Trip.  I didn’t know much about this place before showing up but one guy in the group said they had a real famous temple here, so we went to check it out.

After walking in we found elephants getting a bath.  This is not something you expect to find in a holy temple but then again this is India and everything should be excepted.  We must have watched for a good 30 minutes as it’s trainer water her down, brushed her and then fed her.  The elephant almost seemed to get excited when he started shooting the water in her mouth, as if she didn’t want the trainer to stop.

It’s reason like this that make India so special to me.  I mean what would you do if you went to church and the pastor came riding in on an elephant?  Safe to say I doubt I’ll ever see that in any Southern Baptist church, which is sad I think because it would make things a whole lot more fun if they did (just saying).  if you want to read the full story on this post and see more photos, click here.

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    Amazing picture troy! 

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    BEST PICTURE EVER!!!!!!!!!!

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    This is amazing..

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