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Why I Travel: The Day I Saw A Monk in Nepal Save A Life

Monks Holy Men Umbrella

Do you know what he is doing? He’s saving a life!

I love monks and I’m not afraid to say it!  They’re alway smiling, even when telling you no, they are respectful and they just make me want to be a better person for the most part.  I say this because when I was in Kathmandu, Nepal I seen something that I hadn’t ever seen before.

After being in Kathmandu for a week I finally decided to go out and see some of the stupas that are famous in Nepal.  The most famous is the Boudhanath Stupa.  It’s such a beautiful place to see and I really can’t describe in words about it.  After walking around it several times trying to get different photos, I finally got hot and decided I would sit at a cafe and people watch while drinking a Coke.

Monks Holy Men Umbrella

This is what the Boudhanath Stupa looks like

Buildings Kathmandu Valley

These are the buildings that surround the stupa

As I was people watching I seen a monk who had a rainbow umbrella, which is typical as I think it’s the official umbrella for Nepal, and it always gets my attention when I see someone with one.  As I was trying to compose a photo of him with my camera I noticed he bent over and scooped something up.  He was shaking his head when doing this so I thought maybe someone had disrespectfully left trash or something and he was just being a good monk and cleaning it up while being a little frustrated by it.  It wasn’t until he walked from the middle of the walkway and over to the side that I noticed what he was doing.  He had picked up a cockroach and was saving it’s life from being smashed by tourist who never look down.

Monks Holy Men Umbrella cockroach

I zoomed in later on a photo to confirm what I thought

That to me just summed up why I LOVE monks!  The simple act of stopping and trying to save something that most would never try or even think to made me feel really bad.  I mean I know I would have actually gunned for that cockroach if I had seen it but here was this old man who seen something different and took the time to act on it.  Does this make me a tree hugger now, no, but I do appreciate things more because of this simple act.

Monks Holy Men Umbrella red

Monks Are Cool!

Would you have saved that cockroaches life if you seen it?

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  • PWT Health Tips

    Great post …and good message .in last pic.. 

  • PWT Harbal Products

    Its informative and lovely post information

  • April

    Amazing photo. Somewhat ironic that my aunt was just telling me how she almost got swindled there twice. She just came back from a medical mission the other day.

  • Anonymous

    I got had once there (almost a second time) but both were taxi drivers.  They can be real shady there at times but that can be anywhere in the world I think.  How did she about get swindled there?

  • April

    A guy in the hotel she was staying in repeatedly tried to sell her an already paid ticket. Good thing she thought about reviewing her bill and was able to get some assistance from the agent who referred her to the place. 

    Second incident was when an acquaintance tried to get a $500 commission on some antique items that she wanted to buy. Luckily, the business owner went to her hotel and talked to her personally saying they do not condone such practices and they were embarrassed.  She was serving there for years and these happened in just one trip so she was quite disappointed.   

  • Anonymous

    I remember reading of monks who filter their water to save the microbes. That might be a little much, but still inspiring, like your story.

    I love monks too.
    (Just saw your note on Twitter… :/ I’m trying to get better on twitter myself) 
    Rock it!

  • Sam Kynman-Cole

    Great blog, just found it. Fantastic colours in these shots. I’ll be following your travels.

  • Philip

    Nice post.  We have two Buddhist monestries in the little town of Boulder Creek where I live then not travelling.  Yes the are always happy.  Sometimes I see them walking home from the post office or market and pick them up.  

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    nice pic i like it

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  • Rajasthan travel

    Nice pics!!

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  • Johncar1246

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  • Green Global Travel

    Love the story about the kindness the monk showed to the cockroach. What a great thing to capture with your camera!

  • foggodyssey

     Yeah I got lucky and it made my day to have seen it.  I really wanted to run up and ask him a few questions but I thought it was best to leave it at that and appreciate what I seen. :)


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