The Hello Bar is a simple web toolbar that engages users and communicates a call to action. Featured Photo: Crazy Drunk Mexican in Medellin, Colombia

Featured Photo: Crazy Drunk Mexican in Medellin, Colombia

Flower Festival Parade in Medellin, people Colombians

This Is What I Wear For Work, What Do You Wear For Your Job?

I ran into this guy while in the central part of Medellin, Colombia and as soon as I seen him I knew I wanted to try and get his photograph.  He was on his way to the metro, which me and another guy were out trying to get people to stop and do portraits of them for my Metro Portrait ProjectHe had been drinking and when I asked where he was from he said Mexico.  I had to laugh on that but he kept the act up till the very end before finally admitting that he was a local and just says that to people so they stop and take his photo, in which they will pay him a few coins in return.

I have always wanted to do this for a week, you know dress up as something and see how much money I can make to live off.  I once met an English guy in Ecuador that was traveling around the world just playing his violin on the sidewalk.  It blew me away that on a good day he only made about $5 USD but it was enough for him to keep traveling.  That is what I call life, working the streets and getting paid for it.  Oh wait, I guess they have a word for that to, it’s called a sidewalk hooker!

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