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Postcard From The Road: New Delhi, India

Old Delhi People in New Delhi, India

I came to New Delhi from Bikaner on the first thing smoking I could get.  I hated Bikaner and wanted to get to Delhi ASAP because I had an American friend there that is a photographer as well.  I had met Tim Steadman prior in India on the Great Train Challenge I did.  We didn’t get to hang out much but we both stayed in contact so we could hopefully meet up before we left.

Tim and his wife Karen said I could crash at their place, which was great, as I wouldn’t have to worry about transport to meet up with him every day.  I had two goals for New Delhi and lucky for me, Tim was on the same page.

  1. Photograph some people in the markets
  2. Eat some SUSHI!

First day there I was able to do both, thanks to Tim.  The Sushi wasn’t as good as the stuff I got in Bangalore but we did find a place that had all you can eat sushi with one main order and a desert, with all you could drink for only 599Rs ($13.30 USD) or 699Rs ($15.00 USD) if you wanted all you can drink beer.

Needless to say I tore it up best as I could and some of it was really great but a few rolls weren’t that special.  I had a great stay in Delhi and was even surprised by the metro system there.  It was so cheap to use, clean and you can get about anywhere you needed in the city with it.  I used it everyday and loved the cold AC on it, as a break away from the heat of a Delhi Summer.

After New Delhi I head to Varanasi, the holiest city in India.  Check out Tim’s website here to see some of his sports photographs.  He’s been published several times for it.

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  • Megan

    The Delhi metro is great, isn’t it? When you can find the stations, that is – I had rickshaw drivers lie and say there was no train nearby when there very obviously was. Incredible India, huh?!   

    I really don’t like Delhi very much but I keep finding myself having to transit through there…my highlight last time was seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at a super comfortable cinema 😉 


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